Random Saenggak #3– Hurting

Lately, I’ve been hurting a lot. I haven’t found a job, I am back living at home, and my family is stressing me out. Actually, I did find a job. In Japan. That is another reason I’m hurting. With the current state of the USA, ain’t no one tryna accept US citizens past they borders!Continue reading “Random Saenggak #3– Hurting”

Stress #1– Flight Refund and Lost Package

I’m annoyed. I have been trying to get a refund from a booking company, Ovago, for about 2 months now. My ticket was sold as non-refundable. My problem with that is this: Corona-virus changed my flights. I originally had a flight from one country to another with a layover in one country. Sounds confusing butContinue reading “Stress #1– Flight Refund and Lost Package”