Romance #4– Nail in ze Coffin

Welp. I did it. I may have pushed my guy away. BUT WAIT LISTEN TO THIS! We were talking and I asked about his values. He didn’t want to go into detail and I asked why. Basically, he said that he could be personal and shallow with lots of people and he didn’t want toContinue reading “Romance #4– Nail in ze Coffin”

Relationships #1– 쓰레기 (Garbage)

Whaaaaaa why. Why do I let so much garbage into my life? I think I’m gullible when it comes to romance. Or I just like giving people chances. Is it bad to give people chances? Obvi if they have a bunch of red flags before I consider giving them a chance, I won’t give themContinue reading “Relationships #1– 쓰레기 (Garbage)”

Romance #2– I Can’t Help but Fall

That guy? The one with a girlfriend? Yeah, they broke up. So…my feelings for him have exploded. Frickin great, right? We have literally been talking every day all throughout the day. If I don’t message him, he messages me first. If we don’t message for a day, I go kinda nuts. Well not nuts butContinue reading “Romance #2– I Can’t Help but Fall”

Random Saenggak #2– Useless

I feel useless. Lately, I feel like I am useless and good-for-nothing. When searching for jobs, being at home, talking to people, I feel so…useless. Not because I compare myself to anyone else. Just, based off my life. I went to college, got my BA. That seems to be useless nowadays. It seems like jobsContinue reading “Random Saenggak #2– Useless”