Life Update #1– Tings are looking up

Whew! Finally. The job I was waiting for abroad finnally issued my documents so, I’m blowin this popsicle stand! I have healed a bunch from my heartbreak. Still stings and I think of him a lot but I have been doing better. I don’t check in on him (social media wise) as much as IContinue reading “Life Update #1– Tings are looking up”

Romance #2– I Can’t Help but Fall

That guy? The one with a girlfriend? Yeah, they broke up. So…my feelings for him have exploded. Frickin great, right? We have literally been talking every day all throughout the day. If I don’t message him, he messages me first. If we don’t message for a day, I go kinda nuts. Well not nuts butContinue reading “Romance #2– I Can’t Help but Fall”

Romance #1–I’m not a Homewrecker

哇赛… There is this guy I met through an app almost two years ago. We never met in person. Only talked. I guess we flirted or whatever. Then, I went to China and we kinda stopped talking. It’d been almost 1.5 years since we last connected. I noticed he would watch things I posted onContinue reading “Romance #1–I’m not a Homewrecker”