Random Saenggak #3– Hurting

Lately, I’ve been hurting a lot. I haven’t found a job, I am back living at home, and my family is stressing me out. Actually, I did find a job. In Japan. That is another reason I’m hurting. With the current state of the USA, ain’t no one tryna accept US citizens past they borders!Continue reading “Random Saenggak #3– Hurting”

Random Saenggak #2– Useless

I feel useless. Lately, I feel like I am useless and good-for-nothing. When searching for jobs, being at home, talking to people, I feel so…useless. Not because I compare myself to anyone else. Just, based off my life. I went to college, got my BA. That seems to be useless nowadays. It seems like jobsContinue reading “Random Saenggak #2– Useless”