Stress #1– Flight Refund and Lost Package

I’m annoyed.

I have been trying to get a refund from a booking company, Ovago, for about 2 months now. My ticket was sold as non-refundable.

My problem with that is this: Corona-virus changed my flights.

I originally had a flight from one country to another with a layover in one country. Sounds confusing but I won’t be disclosing the countries haha.

When I go to check-in, I see that the first leg of my trip was canceled and no one notified me. I called the airline and they gladly canceled my seat reservation right then and there to avoid no-show fees. They could not cancel the remainder of the flight though. I had to talk to the booking company for that.

When I tell the booking company what happened, they offer an exchange for a later date (about a month later). I tell them no, as my visa was expiring and I could be fined or imprisoned for staying over that specific date. I also say that there is a possibility that the future flight will be canceled, prolonging my already extended stay.

Customer service didn’t respond. I tried calling but would always get the roundabout: “Someone is already working on your case”, “Oh, she’s not here but she’ll call/ email you back”, “She’s busy right now but she’ll call you back”. I was not and STILL have not been contacted back for nearly 2 months now.

So, I go through my bank. They give me the temporary refund. After a month of no updates, they tell me that the booking company charged me correctly and they will be withdrawing what they put in. Another problem of mine: I didn’t say that they charged me incorrectly. I said they weren’t giving me a refund after canceling part of my flight without notice, leaving me to figure out another way to get to the layover country in less than 24 hours. Which wasn’t going to happen.

So basically, $888 of MINE are being held captive by a company that doesn’t want to take responsibility for their faults that left me no other alternative than to cancel the remainder of my flight. My bank also doesn’t seem to quite understand what I’ve explained to them.

How the FUCK was I supposed to know part of my flight was canceled. I received no notifications. THEY canceled part of the flight without telling me. How did they expect me to get to another country when I booked a whole flight through them? I don’t get it. The airline was more than willing to help but they aren’t because “24-hour cancellation” and “non-refundable ticket”. If they fucked up, they should be responsible and give me a refund. I never ended up even taking this flight anyway.

I’m annoyed.

On to my lost package. I sent 10 packages home from the country I was in. 9 arrived without a glitch. They even sat outside my house cause no one was home to receive them and no one touched them. In fact, in my neighborhood, people let others know if something arrived at their house if they aren’t there.

The company from the departure country has no information on where the 1 lost package is. The US company (USPS) that sent the other 9 packages is saying THEY don’t have information either.

So, WHERE THE HELL IS MY PACKAGE??? The tracking information shows it arrived in my home city and said “Awaiting delivery scan”. I showed the US company my receipts. That package must be at the facility or they delivered it to the wrong address. They insinuated someone may have stolen it from my porch but I told them what I wrote above. Since then, no response.

I don’t understand how a whole 26 pound package is missing. I get it, the virus slowed stuff down. What doesn’t make sense to me is is the package that is missing wasn’t the last one I sent from the departure country. The last package I sent arrived. So, an earlier package of mine didn’t arrive. They all look the same too.

I just…don’t get how there was no information put into the system for this package, especially since it’s not the first of its kind.

So now, here I am, waiting for this last package of mine to arrive, having no idea where it is and having no answers to my questions. It’s worth more than $300.

The other 9 arrived in exactly 2 weeks after being sent out without a hitch. So, what happened to the other package? It didn’t just disappear. So, I think someone stole it or they lost it in the facility.

Either way, these two experiences are giving me anxiety and stressing me out.

I’m fucking annoyed.

Random Saenggak #1: I like(d) reading/ writing fanfics.

So lookie here.

I was once an avid K-Pop fan. 10 years of K-Pop lovin.

Writing just so happened to be my stronger suit in academics. I enjoy(ed) writing. Now as a teen, I wrote some…interesting stuff. I wrote about my favorite idols. Outside of K-Pop, I wrote stories involving Twilight members. I loved the world of fantasy and making my own stories using K-Pop idols I loved/ other celebrities I loved (Jacobbbbbb).

Is it wrong to write fanfics? I don’t think so, ma dear. Well, not the kind I was writing anyway. For the most part.

Writing them stimulated my imagination. I never thought that they would actually happen in real life. In fact, I would be fucking terrified if they did.

I wrote about some dark stuff sometimes.

As a young adult, I don’t really work on any fanfics anymore nor do I read them.

My motivation comes and goes for writing fanfics as I grow older.

Every once in a while, I get inspired and write. I have not finished more than 2 of my 15+ fanfics and, I don’t think I ever will.

I think the point of this post was to say…I don’t know.

I like(d) writing fanfics.