Work #1– Playin Games

Is your job playin games with you?

Are they trying to gaslight you by saying you should be grateful for being there while doing the bare minimum/ making you do the most?

This post is for ya.

I currently have a job that I literally don’t care about. I appreciate people who have this job. But I don’t think it is vital to have for anyone’s survival. Well, in the sense of the customers don’t NEED it to survive/ the business would survive without it.

I have learned to not care much for this job. I usually care about the job I’m doing. I try to. But this is a job I’m ONLY keeping as a stepping stone for my future. Issa throwaway job.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I’m grateful for having this job during this trying time. I’m just not grateful for the people I’m working for under-appreciating all that I do to help this business stay. OPEN. DURING A MOTHA LOVIN PANDEMIC.

Miss. Me. Wit. Dat.

I guess that’s how this industry is eh?

Luckily for me, this isn’t my finnal stop. I have plans, my g.

So, I’ve just stopped caring. I’m not gonna waste my energy on a job that doesn’t matter to me and who’s people don’t care about me.

Know thy value, my gees.

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