Random Saenggak #4– Blood Runs Cold

Have you ever had something happen that just made your blood run…cold? Or that made your body just be…overcome with spiritlessness?

Well, I thought I lost my passport. I tore my house apart looking for it. I checked my last travel bag thoroughly. Or so I thought I did.

Turns out it was in the side pocket of my bag.

I am dead on the inside.

Get this: I reported it lost and cannot undo it. Even if I found the bloody document. That job in Japan only needed my passport information and entry/ exit stamps from the last time I went.

Now, they and I need to wait months for my new passport to arrive.

Get this pt. 2: There were 5 whole years left for this passport. And now I am paying $100+ for my new one.

All because I left it in the side of my bag.

I…I just- I’m-

I can’t.

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