Random Saenggak #1: I like(d) reading/ writing fanfics.

So lookie here.

I was once an avid K-Pop fan. 10 years of K-Pop lovin.

Writing just so happened to be my stronger suit in academics. I enjoy(ed) writing. Now as a teen, I wrote some…interesting stuff. I wrote about my favorite idols. Outside of K-Pop, I wrote stories involving Twilight members. I loved the world of fantasy and making my own stories using K-Pop idols I loved/ other celebrities I loved (Jacobbbbbb).

Is it wrong to write fanfics? I don’t think so, ma dear. Well, not the kind I was writing anyway. For the most part.

Writing them stimulated my imagination. I never thought that they would actually happen in real life. In fact, I would be fucking terrified if they did.

I wrote about some dark stuff sometimes.

As a young adult, I don’t really work on any fanfics anymore nor do I read them.

My motivation comes and goes for writing fanfics as I grow older.

Every once in a while, I get inspired and write. I have not finished more than 2 of my 15+ fanfics and, I don’t think I ever will.

I think the point of this post was to say…I don’t know.

I like(d) writing fanfics.

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